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All of this information comes from credible and expert scientific sources.

A comprehensive assessment of reasons for vaccine hesitancy and ways to address them. From the Sabin-Aspen Science and Vaccine Policy Group.

A report with information on building trust and communicating in public health crises. From the WHO.

The CDC’s criteria for prioritizing essential workers can be adapted and applied more broadly.

Survey and interview results suggest that mandates are not causing significant turnover. From Human Resources Executive.

How to harness social norms, trust, and social context to encourage vaccination. From Nature.

Review of psychological interventions to increase vaccination rates. Includes data on mandate effectiveness in education and health care settings.

How influenza vaccine mandates impact vaccination rates. A review of multiple studies.

An article exploring pre-Covid-19 data on effects of flu vaccine mandates in hospitals.

Discussion of vaccine mandates as a strategy to achieve widespread immunization. From Johns Hopkins.

Discussion of issues related to mandatory vaccination in the workplace. Emphasis on trying other approaches before moving to mandates.

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