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All of this information comes from credible and expert scientific sources.

An overview of how different organizations are using incentives to encourage employee vaccination. From Human Resource Executive.

Benefits and best practices for workplaces to support employee vaccination. From the CDC.

Advice for companies on reducing barriers and other strategies. From Harvard Business Review.

Research study examining the positive effect of non-cash rewards on blood donation participation. From AAAS Science.

Research study describing how monetary incentives can “crowd out” some prosocial motivations. From the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston.

Research study showing that an immediate reward can strengthen motivation to complete a task. Immediate rewards also seem larger than delayed rewards. Published in the Journal of Social Psychology.

Advice on how organizations can promote or provide vaccinations in their communities. From McKinsey & Company.

States and companies have introduced many creative and different Covid-19 vaccine incentives. Data on how effective these incentives are is still limited. From Scientific American. 


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